Business Litigation Attorneys Serving
Kansas and Missouri

Billing Arrangements

Traditional Hourly Billing

Geiger Prell works with most clients on the basis of the traditional billable hour. Our hourly rates are extremely competitive when compared with other lawyers having similar experience and expertise.  For clients looking for more creativity or flexibility in obtaining our services, we offer the following alternative billing arrangements.


Contingent Fee Business Litigation Arrangements

We accept select business litigation, trust litigation or securities litigation cases on a contingent fee basis, in which the client pays no legal fees unless and until there is recovery in the case. Litigation costs and expenses (unless expenses are paid by the client) are deducted from the total recovery before calculating the net recovery to the client and Geiger Prell.  Contingent fee pricing for business cases is attractive to many clients with good claims and tight legal budgets.


Blended Fee Scenarios

A combination of hourly billing and a contingent fee arrangement, blended fee scenarios entail Geiger Prell working on a reduced hourly rate while also receiving a percentage of any net recovery. Under a blended fee scenario, the percentage recovered by Geiger Prell is smaller than in a straight contingent fee arrangement. This alternative allows clients to absorb a smaller monthly litigation budget while retaining more of the potential upside of a settlement or collected judgment.


Recurring Flat Fee Relationships

For clients who want the benefit of an on-call attorney without having to incur the expense of hiring one as an employee, we offer the option of paying a set monthly or quarterly fee for a package of legal services. These fees can be billed as a flat fee paid in advance, or billed against a prepaid monthly deposit. Many clients find that the ease and reliability of a recurring flat fee arrangement works well for budgeting, and they also benefit from having an “on-call” relationship with counsel. The details of each engagement vary, and we would be happy to talk with you about tailoring an arrangement to match your needs.