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Hillside Handshake


Alan Meyer

Kansas juries enforce handshake agreements. Alan Meyer and John Pratt envisioned a housing development in Junction City, Kansas for soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Riley. They called their vision The Bluffs. Meyer and Pratt shared their vision with David Christie and Alex Glenn. The four men shook hands and formed a joint venture to build the project. But Christie and Glenn had a different bluff in mind. After Meyer and Pratt helped secure millions in public financing, Christie and Glenn tossed their partners aside and built the project with someone else. A federal jury in Kansas City, Kansas returned a $14.7 million verdict for our clients, Meyer and Pratt. Kansas City saw only one larger verdict in 2009. We tried and won the case without a written contract – just a handshake and a promise on a rocky Kansas hillside.

Meyer, et al. v. Christie, et al., Case No. 07-2230, United States District Court for the District of Kansas.