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Sizewise Rentals, LLC

Sizewise, a privately held company, manufactures medical equipment ranging from hospital bed frames and specialized mattresses to wheelchairs and other devices that assist in the healing of patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities or at home. In the early years of its operation, Sizewise had a distribution model that employed both direct and indirect sales channels. It held numerous relationships with indirect distributors that exclusively sold Sizewise equipment. One of these exclusive regional distributors (covering Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa) broke the agreement and began shopping the Sizewise customer base to a Sizewise competitor. We developed and implemented litigation and business strategies that helped Sizewise prevail in the courtroom and ultimately in the marketplace. The case resolved with a favorable settlement at the close of discovery in 2007. Today, Sizewise owns and operates all of its sites and no longer employs an indirect distribution sales model in the United States. Sizewise has 1,000 employees worldwide, more than 70 distribution locations and 4 company-owned manufacturing plants in the U.S.

Sizewise Rentals, LLC v. Unimed II, Inc., et al., Case No. 06-CV-1969, District Court of Johnson County, Kansas.