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Family Wealth and Trust Litigation

The Last Biscuit

We represent family members deprived of their fair share. Our trust litigation experience includes the removal of corrupt trustees, challenging the legitimacy of wills and codicils, bringing allegations of undue influence to trial, protecting the family wealth of clients under attack, and reallocating millions of dollars through settlements and judgments. Generations of hard work can change hands in a single lawsuit. The right trust litigation or will contest attorney can make a difference.

Our clients include:

• The widow of a Cato Institute founder in a lawsuit for control of the organization.

• Co-Trustees and beneficiaries against a sibling and former Co-Trustee regarding her administration of the family’s trust.

• Beneficiaries against their trustee over the administration of Kansas farmland.

• A nephew against his uncles in a community banking dispute.

• A brother against his sister in a Johnson County trial of undue influence over the modification of a will.

• A sister against her brothers and mother over profit distributions from a consumer goods empire.

• The wife and children of a pharmacist who confessed to a horrific drug dilution crime.