Outside General Counsel

Not every business wants or needs to make the considerable commitment of employing a dedicated in-house attorney. While small- or medium-sized companies might not have the resources or desire to hire a full-time general counsel, they still face legal concerns and challenges that should be addressed by an experienced attorney before they become more difficult, complicated, or expensive to handle.

Geiger Prell helps businesses with a variety of business concerns and legal issues. We review, revise, and negotiate contracts for clients, often with an eye toward preparing for a potential dispute or anticipating business and legal options in the event of particular breaches. We help identify problematic areas or legal language that even sophisticated business owners and executives might have missed.

We also assist companies and their executives with risk management concerns, including insurance coverage questions and claims management. We can serve as a liaison between clients and their insurance brokers and carriers to advocate for them receiving the full protection and value of the coverages they have purchased. For businesses with a regular docket of claims and pending litigation, we provide oversight, management, and direction to the local counsel handling each dispute.

Even for those companies who have in-house counsel, there are only so many hours in a given day or week. When a client’s legal department might become overwhelmed with time constraints, deadlines, and their routine legal matters, we can help plug the gap as overflow attorneys. We can provide valuable outside expertise and a second set of eyes on a particular problem or issue—without having to make the additional commitment of hiring another full-time attorney.

For Additional Information

Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Geiger Prell serves clients throughout the Kansas City area, in both Kansas and Missouri. To talk with us about outside general counsel services, please call us at 913.661.2430.